Astrid Bolding | Assistant conference manager

"Astrid is a very fast, loyal and reliable worker. Her infectious laugh makes you laugh with her, even when you don't know why she is laughing."

Caroline van Reenen | Managing director

"Caroline has a big hart for the company and her employees. The motto 'anything is possible' is one she lives by."

Daniël Huisman | Software developer

"For every technical question, Daniël has a solution: our art cinema enthusiast from the north ensures that our registration system and websites run smoothly´╗┐."

Luciana Luijten | Project assistent

"With a broad smile at work, that is how we know our patient and dear colleague Luciana."´╗┐

Monique Stroomberg | Conference manager

"Monique has one hell of experience: a real tower of strength who enthusiastically sets to work."´╗┐